Tuesday, March 22, 2005

After 11/3/2004

Well, I suppose many would be happy if we would just leave the country, and some would be glad to do so. But that isn’t the answer.

We, as socially responsible Americans and as Christians need to work towards the next election, starting now and working tirelessly through November of 2008.

This is an call to any that have the tools: the understanding of Christ as the example of God wanting each of us in our society to do good for all, to accept Him as their savior, and the desire to share that understanding and turn it into wisdom through action.

We must maintain a hospitable manner. May peace be with you.

We must speak the Gospel from our heart as well as from our mind.

We must seek out uncomfortable situations, i.e., chatting with Republican Christians, and persevere in our conversational debates with them. If you can sow one seed of doubt, you may build a mountain of desire for more information.

We must seek out new believers that have been disenfranchised from the church because of the Republican bias associated there. We must tell them the truth of Christ, the Salvation He offers, His desire for us to “Love Everyone”, and of the social responsibility that should not be ignored.

We must strive for a moderate media, one that doesn’t create headlines simply for the sake of divisiveness. Whenever possible, speak out against the media for taking sides. Ask them why they don’t report “news” anymore and go with “stories” instead. Hold them accountable. An excellent example of this is John Stewart on Crossfire, a clip of which can be seen here:

http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2652831 or by searching for John Stewart Crossfire.

Be selfless, be caring, be loving, be kind. Tell the truth. Speak it well.

Do it. Starting now.


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