Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Can a Republican be a Christian? Yes.

Can a Democrat Be a Christian? Yes.

Christianity spans political affiliation, generations, economic status, and many other divisors of people. The forgiveness of Christ is there for everyone willing to accept Him as his or her personal Savior. I think it is in the accepting of Christ that one learns we are to dive deeper into the meaning of God’s grace and the salvation, redemption and forgiveness that Faith in Jesus the Christ offers.

Each of us needs to read the Bible and discern what meaning is there for them personally, but we should do so in diverse groups. It is when people of the same opinion get together and try to interpret anything that they might find themselves down a long and twisty path. The better way to study anything, including the Bible, is with people of disparate opinion. Doing this forces people to consider other possibilities that may not have come forth otherwise and, in that consideration, accept that the understanding they would have come up with themselves is not the only possibility.

Jesus spoke in parables for a reason. I think He wanted his lessons to be general, not specific to any moment or situation, that He wanted us to have to ponder the Word and to have to think about how it applies to our daily lives. Different people have had different events in their lives and can take different meaning from the same scripture. Different Bibles certainly have different interpretations even when created from the same source documents!

I use the New International Version because I like the vast number of different denominations that were part of that translation, and because it is fairly current in it’s language. Regardless of what version of the Bible you own, I urge you to read & discuss it openly and honestly with a group of people that differ in Biblical knowledge, political opinion, education and economic status.


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