Monday, June 04, 2007

Faith Politics Edwards Obama Clinton on CNN

Fifteen minutes isn’t enough time to get near a person’s faith, and the public forum is an unusual place to do it. Given the depth of the questions, and the desire on each candidates’ part to show they have given deep thought to their faith and how it guides them on specific issues, at least another hour should have been spent on this. In view of Soledad O’Brien’s approach to the subject, with her typical spunk and flair, I wonder what her answers would have been to some of the questions she asked.

But it sure is nice to hear Democrats speak of faith, and it would be even more interesting if they weren’t all Christian. Are we a Christian voting nation? Could someone of another faith be elected President?

Lastly, I don’t doubt that each of these candidates has a sense of the Creator in their lives. Pray for them all, please.


Blogger Red Letter Believers said...

I'm not opposed to politicians who have faith -- in fact, I think it is necessary to help guide our country. But I want it to be real. I want it to be genuine. I dont want it to be just for the cameras.

There is a great conversation about Politicians and faith found here:

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