Monday, July 30, 2007

"Saving Grace" Holly Hunter

There’s a new show on TNT Monday nights at 10pm by the name of “Saving Grace” and, wild as it is, I have to recommend it. Do I have a clue as to where they are going with it? Not one. But I like it. (as an aside, TNT is too darned stupid to program video for Macintosh, and I am amazed by that shortcoming - I mean, how difficult is it really, to set it up for both?!!!)

Actress Holly Hunter produces and stars in the hour-long drama about a what – Oklahoma I guess - cop that is living very fully in the secular world when she hits and kills a pedestrian while driving drunk. In that moment she asks for God’s help. Enter Earl, everyone’s favorite slightly loopy angel from Heaven. Earl isn’t quite Clarence from “It’s a Wonderful Life” but he’s almost as good. And for those of you that recall Holly Hunter in “The Piano” with fondness, each week seems to include a sex scene to remember, too. That said, while I’d love to dissect the accent she’s playing with, Ms. Hunter does a nice job of playing a difficult lead role. Actually, I’d really like to know if she’s even Christian in real life.

So, is this real world Christianity brought to the small screen? There are many who would say “Dear Lord, no!” and they would be right for themselves, but there are many as well who will see this and speak in their own minds “Dear Lord, are there really others like me?” And I say, yes, there well may be.

I’ll put the largest of caveats as a reminder that I have no idea where this show is going, but I’ll say at the moment that I am enjoying it as a look into the struggles of a strongly individual woman who has no desire for God to reach out to her, but He does.

Isn’t that how it is for all of us sometimes?

Anyone else catch this show?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just started watching this show via Netflix. Although it would be a comfort to me to know that actress Hunter is or became a Christian, I REALLY like how the show sinks its teeth into the message that even the most *vile* of sinners (such as drinking, smoking, cussing, adulterating, lying Detective H.) are children of God. He longs for us to come to Him and He waits patiently, and takes interest in the most mundane details of our lives. When Jesus lived as a man, he did not chill with the socially/emotionally/ psychologically/spiritually clean. I love that this show portrays this fact. The angel, "Earl," sent by God should be in no way misinterpreted as representing Jesus (Jesus = God, NOT angels = God!), but he is still a fabulous "gutter-messenger" to the lost, broken, angry... My kids can watch "Touched by an Angel"; I get to watch "Saving Grace" :)

7/03/2014 9:43 AM  
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