Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards - A Question For You

This spot stopped me in my tracks. It's beautiful on so many levels.

Can it be the commercial that creates a groundswell as did Bill Clinton's "I'm from a place called 'Hope'"? Maybe. I like what I'm hearing from Elizabeth Edwards in this commercial and in the media. The cool thing, too, is that John's hitting a stride, balancing a bit more humility with an up-tick of candor and it's a good blend. It sounds so cold in view of the bigger picture but could this be their time/her legacy?

I caught some of the debate from Dartmouth and thought Hillary dynamite in her "Well, he's not standing here." response, defining her persona from Bill, but I really enjoyed watching John Edwards being at peace, comfortable, and talking it from the heart.

If he believes in himself, can we?


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