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I wanted to title this post "How Not to Win a War" but that device was recently used here and there is much more to this post than a disgust over the manner in which W., Don, Dick, Condi and the rest fought this war, but that's where I'll start:

This war was begun in a cowardly and inhumane manner such that the long legs of the battle cannot be won. Spending a billion dollars on bombs to take out the infrastructure only gave the "enemy" troops time to disband, take off their uniforms, and head home with weapons in hand. Starting a war without boots on the ground allowed the local troops to escape cleanly and live to fight another day. Causing an estimated 100,000 civilian casualties is not the way to win the hearts and minds of the populace.

If a country (or a pre-eminent few in charge of that country) wants to go to war they should do so with the willingness of a massive amount of troops marching into the battle zone. Aerial bombardment is a coward's war, the play of a giant against the small. "Shock and Awe" would be better called "Kill them All (and count the civilian casualties later)". It is the equivalent of ... I don't know, there isn't a comparison that speaks to the immoral nature of the unprovoked attack on Iraq, causing all those civilian casualties without any of the killers' eyes having to see the loss of life first hand.

Thankfully, I have never been a soldier. Frankly, I'm probably not of the stuff that soldiers are made of and I say that with the greatest respect for our troops. My father was a Marine in Korea and he doesn't speak of what he saw and did there. He terminated his plan to be a Jarhead for life after one tour of duty. Perhaps if ANY of the "deciders" that started this war had experience in the battlefield they would have been more reluctant to do as they did. Perhaps if our troops had been a part of the initial assault the generals would have expressed greater reluctance to engage.

I will forever support our soldiers and only wish that the draft were back so that their pain and suffering would be more properly spread across the economic spectrum of our country. The men and women of our armed forces are to be applauded for their commitment to duty, their desire to succeed in the field and at home upon their return. I am simply ready for them to come home, all of them. Now.

War is nasty business but sometimes necessary. This was not one of those times. As a Christian I am called to turn the other cheek and wonder how W. managed to pervert the Word into a first strike scenario. But that is past us now. We're in the midst of a mess with no end in sight other than withdrawal which leaves a civil war behind of which we are responsible for the added deaths in those battles. Our stature in the world is diminished, our allies walking away shaking their heads, and the cost of the war left to our children and their children to pay while needy children today go without food and healthcare.

We should be ashamed of our president. We should impeach him and his profiteering cronies and put them all in prison. I would love for any Democratic candidate to put THAT on the table, and I'm still a bit ticked at Nancy Pelosi for taking it off the table.

As reported in the NY Times today, five brigades of National Guard troops are being called up, or back, to Iraq. About 20,000 troops will be deployed for about 15 months in country. These are brave men and women that signed up to defend this country if needed, to help this country in the case of emergency, and probably to get a little extra cash to help pay bills. If we were attacked now, or if a real war broke out somewhere that needed us as allies, or if another Katrina-like disaster struck, who would we send? How quickly could we as a nation respond?

Pray for our troops, please. Pray that they be kept safe and return home well. Pray that they get the support soldiers back from war need. Pray that they return to lives full of family, friends, faith as they feel it, and peace in their hearts for all they've been through.


Anonymous playtah said...

AMEN! Great sum-up of what's wrong with this war.

Sadly, we're now reaping some of the less-expected consequences of war now, since our country is on fire (California) and the people that could have helped the firefighters are in Iraq.

10/25/2007 3:07 AM  

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