Monday, January 28, 2008

Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

The endorsement of the Kennedy clan means a great deal to the Obama campaign. Perfectly timed amid a groundswell of hope now balanced with the lengthy and well known career of a statesman in every sense of the word. Could it be an Obama/Kennedy ticket?

I'm still for John Edwards, I just think he's the guy at a moment in his existence where it all becomes clear, and he's got the tools - the intellect, the desire and the motivation - to do the right things.

But the sound of Obama/Kennedy could ring out as votes.


Blogger Christian Democrat said...

OK, maybe not the entire Kennedy clan endorses Barack Obama - several have come out for Hillary:,0,1618955.story

Truth be told - most of us will vote whatever the ticket winds up being in November but it is worth remembering that while the presidency is important, it is down to every seat in the House and the Senate. If we are going to turn this country around we must maintain majority control in both houses and gain in those places as well.

1/29/2008 7:10 AM  

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