Monday, April 28, 2008

Rev. Wright & His Two Sermons

I'll post the "Chickens come home to roost" clip below but comment on both here only:

I had to turn off CNN with all the gibberish they're tossing about this. Today was a big day at the Washington Press Club and they are going bonkers trying to spin it six ways. So I decided to finally dig these up and look at them and I gotta tell ya - I like this preacher. Not for VP, mind you, but I've had a fire and brimstone preacher in years gone by and that's what this is.

He speaks truth from a perspective that white folk have difficulty appreciating. But it is truth as he sees it.

I think it was good for Barack (if he was even there that Sundays) to hear these monologues. The people of America are bitter, and some blacks among them. I won't say it's all warranted, but it's there, some is valid, and shouldn't be denied.

I have no issue with Reverend Wright. From my Christian perspective he makes a reasoned call based on Scripture. I agree with much of what he says if not all of it, and I'll defend his right to the death to say every word he says in these two videos. I'd like to have the whole sermons, frankly, but think these good context.

Carry on.


Anonymous Nichole said...

I've only seen the clips that the media keep playing, but I was quite hesitant to be appalled at what he said (in fact, my husband and I had an argument about it yesterday).

The "G-D America" right after 9/11 and the "chickens are coming home to roost" quotes honestly didn't sound any different than what all the white church leaders that were saying about 9/11 supposedly being God's judgement on America (as they said about Hurricane Katrina and every other huge disaster).

And in his news conference yesterday, I don't think that the things he verbalized about his perceived difference between skin color are no different than what a lot of white people say and think publicly or privately.

I really wasn't appalled by him. I'm not sure how scriptural his messages are (again, I've not listened to him), but the hype about him to me is much ado about nothing.

5/01/2008 9:37 PM  

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