Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amor in Tecate

An amazing week behind us, we return to our water consuming valley and give thanks for all that God gives us, all that we might take a little less for granted, and hope that we consider those gifts in the proper perspective.

Tecate is a small town east of Tijuana. Amor Ministries has a camp there and builds in the area. It is a wonderful place. The camp is near town but not too near, lined with trees and a bit more rustic than the Tijuana camp, but serves well.

We built in an area south of Tecate, completing two small houses and a 20x20' single-room school that will be used for kindergarten starting next week. Two women that will run the school helped us build as did two men and a few kids. Amazing people, all.

These are the words we used when handing over the keys to the schoolhouse, with a very similar variation used for the homes. They were read in Spanish and English.

Good Afternoon

We come to you as Christians and thank you for the opportunity to serve in God's name.

It may have been our hands that built this school but they were inspired by our savior, Jesus Christ, and powered by the Holy Spirit.

It is more true to say that God built this school than we did. God built this and gives it to this community.

Our prayers are that this community will fill this school for many years with teachers and children learning not just letters and numbers but also the love of community, of neighbor. There is no human power greater than love.

Again, it is us, truly, who give thanks to you for this opportunity to serve in God's name.

We all give thanks to God!

There are many ways to serve, this is but one. May we all serve well.


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