Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Day One & Page 3

Having grown disgruntled with CNN, making a stop for a few days at MSNBC, I am happy to have found CSPAN for the Democratic convention coverage. Dry as bones without a shred of personality or additional commentary, CSPAN shows it as slow and tedious as it is.

I love that! Better still, it allowed me to just catch the portions I wanted to hear. Sadly, missed most of the tribute to Teddy Kennedy - it was dinner time - but caught the tail of it with him on stage and he looked and sounded great.

Then caught Michelle Obama's speech, missing some of the pre-amble video, and thought she hit it out of the park. I don't know that America is ready for a first lady of such vocal prowess, but I sure am. Imagine that's what Barack wakes up to each day and knows he's got a mind like that to deal with. Talk about being convicted!

Which brings up Don Miller, who gave the closing prayer, from whom I learned the essence of the word "convicted" in his book, "Blue Like Jazz." If you know what I'm talking about here, the use in the paragraph aboves makes beautiful sense. If not, maybe not so much. ;>)

Don's closing prayer was about as good as I've heard in a long time. Full of hope and humility, recognizing responsibility and asking for guidance. Well spoke.

...however... Page 3 of the L.A. Times today had all the real news: "Pakistan's Government Fractures," "Russia Ratchets Up Tension Over Georgia Republics," and "Sudan Soldier's Raid on Darfur Camp..."

It's an ugly time in the world, and getting worse. One major question to ask going forward as America, the nation, is do we want a president versed in war as a solution? Or might we prefer diplomacy? Opportunities will abound for America, the nation, to militarily intervene and save lives, yes, perhaps even bringing democracy where it wasn't. That's usually the case in genocidal zones. Solving more problems without military might will leave that power available and ready, when and where really needed.

We need diplomacy with Pakistan so our military can operate in their mountains. Afghanistan, too.

We need diplomacy with both Georgia and Russia as well as to consider if those breakaway republics, Abkhazia and South Ossettia, might actually be capable of being countries of their own. Along the way we might ask if its any business of ours anyway.

We need diplomacy and greater global intervention in much of Africa.

I'm thrilled to have Obama/Biden '08. They might be the best team out of the gate in decades. Knowing how Joe can talk, and Barack, too, then adding in what we saw of Michelle last night ... man, there will be some serious discussion in that White House. Barack is ready for this. He's gathering a team and picked Joe Biden as his #2. Good pick.

Let's Roll.

People. Talk to people. Spread the Hope. Believe in Change We Can Believe in. Be the change.


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Great analysis of the situation, sir

8/30/2008 9:12 AM  

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