Friday, August 01, 2008

Increased Taxes

A recent article on The points to both Senator Obama and Senator McCain having plans that will increase the cost of our government. Surprisingly to me was that McCain’s plans exceed Obama’s by some $1.6 trillion. Yes, trillion. So much for the GOP idea of getting big government smaller. Once again, they speak conservatism but practice wholly self-centered economics.

The greater worry is in where the dollars come from. Obama wants to pay as you go, McCain, in what has become a GOP tradition, prefers to borrow the money from our kids. Obama says we need to increase some of our government programs to get us out of the energy debacle among other things, and he’s willing to increase taxes on the truly rich to pay for it. McCain wants to keep a war going and sell treasury bonds to the Chinese to pay for it. They’ll collect form our kids later and he’ll be gone by then.

A recent article on tells of our deteriorating bridges and highways. A couple hundred billion is needed to fix these integral parts of our economy but not enough funding is in place. Our highways and bridges are needed for business to operate and yes, even as a democrat I recognize the need for business to operate smoothly and at a profit. Delivery of raw materials, of finished goods, of workers to jobs, and of kids to schools are all basic needs being shortchanged by a shortsighted government that simply wants to cut costs now and not worry about the needs of the electorate in the future.

Taxes, when properly spent and I’ll admit that is the hardest part, enrich the abilities of our country. They allow businesses to grow, people to work, and the cost per capita to be minimized. We all benefit, business and worker alike. Privatizing roads as I have seen in California’s toll roads, is a rip-off that hits everyone. The other day the charge for a 12 mile run in the privately owned toll road in Orange County was $9.55. One way. Again, government funding and ownership of those parts of the infrastructure used by all is not only fairer, but cheaper, too.

Deficits will drown us in the long run, choking off any economic advantage we may have, making our country’s real estate and companies a bargain for foreign investors, and causing our ability to grow on our own much more difficult. Will the house of Saud bail us out? I doubt it.

I’m with Obama on this one – increase taxes on those that can afford it, increase programs that build a stronger and more prepared country, and pay for it as we go. The Bush regime has left us with the highest deficit in history and McCain looks prepared to continue that mess. We need some sanity in Washington to get our economic house in order.