Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jerome Corsi's Obama Book

I can't even remember the title. To give a bit of perspective I'm in a hotel far from home as my daughter and I get oriented at college, I turn on the TV as I pour a Gentlemen Jack, and on come Jerome and some guy from and out comes a pile of crap that embarrasses me as an American in support of free speech.

For all the lives that have been lost in support of our rights as citizens of this nation, for all that the founding fathers hoped to achieve we get, what, ... Larry King hosting two pundits that spew their respective factory lines in perfection (altho I thought the media matters guy did a better job of speaking over that ... craphead Corsi and I am happy/sad that I even appreciate that) and we are left with nothing of substance other than two yacks vomiting the rhetoric of the party's for which they speak.

Then up comes Ed Schultz and some GOP spokeswoman that is instantly hate-able. Yeah, I know, we aren't supposed to hate but when confronted with the very real and very scary intelligence of evil, the incredibly well presented voice that we were warned about in Revelation, what, should I give the agape love of Christ to a person that I feel totally entrapped by evil?

Ummm .... at the moment .... I don't think so.

I used to like Ed Schultz when he was a voice on the radio. Actually got on the air with him once and fell short of the mark needed. I fell short, not Ed. Since he's a talking head on CNN he's pretty good, but not as great as he was when only on the radio. That all said, congrats' Ed, I'm hopin' they pay. Sorry you got the short end of the revise of time slots on Air America, you spoke too much sense, perhaps.

I watched Bill O'Reilly for a few minutes tonight, too. OK, maybe two minutes. That guy personifies the sicknesses of fear, nationalism beyond any sense of a God-inspired populace in a God-created world, and stuff I have no idea about. He is so sick I can only recognize that he's really bad but also must recognize that I have no idea how really bad he is. In the simplest sense, I realize I need to avoid Bill O'Reilly at all costs. On the one hand I need to watch him to be up-to-date, but on the other, he is evil and evil is to be avoided at all costs. If not for this blog I wouldn't watch him at all.

Oh, yeah, CNN's Republican voice Amy Holmes. She's a puppet that makes Uncle Tom look like Huey Newton. I'm amazed, again, by a non-nativeborn-American speaking out so as-if-I'm-American kind of like Arianna Huffington. Hey. If you weren't born here, raised in our communities by American parents in schools living the life of a kid in America where we really learn what it feels like to be AMERICAN, shut up. Yeah, that's me saying that to Ariana who perturbs me on a regular basis even tho I'm a voter that votes Democratic. And Amy - be thankful for your paycheck, and go back to Zambia once your distaste for America spills over.

We have won the right to free speech but lost the battle of intelligent media. There are only voices screaming at us one side or the other and little time (or none) given to any reasonable assessment of the situation. I was discouraged to hear and see CNN take a step to the right after the elections of 2000 and 2004, but I am more frustrated by the new format of placing competing voices head to head and giving them the space to spew. The talking heads aren't the newsmakers, they shouldn't be on TV. Sadly, the news has become the news, with reality and real people trying to make a difference left behind. Such is a consumer society.

I encourage everyone to listen and watch only what the candidates themselves say and turn off the spinmeisters. Listen with your heart and mind to those that you may vote for, turn off all the voices that are paid to speak the various party lines. Vote accordingly.

May the peace of the Lord be with us all.


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