Friday, August 15, 2008

McCain Attacks - Obama "The One"

I'm sick of negative campaigning, especially when done as artfully as this. I smell Karl Rove and his mentor, Lee Atwater from the grave, all over this.

I say artfully done because it looks and sounds so stupid but reaches on so many levels. To the secular it imparts the idea that Barack Obama thinks himself the Messiah. To the fundamentalists, it shows him as the anti-Christ. All the while those of us on this side get so nauseous and angry we waste time thinking and writing about it.

So here I go, breaking down the quotes of Obama from the ad:

"A nation healed, a world repaired" are things we need, possible, attainable if we get on the right track. We need healing from loss of jobs and underpaying jobs, healing from our healthcare system, healing from businesses in collusion that set prices a free and proper marketplace wouldn't. The world, too, needs repair on so many levels: politically, ideologically and ecologically. The GOP and big business gather strength in politically unstable times, pitting ideologies against each other and making use of their land as if they are the only owners of it. They call down economies "buying opportunities."

"We are the ones we've been waiting for." Darned right. If we don't do it ain't nobody gonna do it for us. Time to gather together and get it done.

"I have become a symbol of America returning to our best traditions." Yes. He has. An unconnected minority achieving high position through intelligence and hard work rather than familial connection. A person working for the public good and achieving respect. It can still happen, we just haven't seen much of it lately.

His response of "Never" having doubts, and the comment about people having an "epiphany" are stupid. I'll grant you that. The first was too quick of a response and had to be a giddy moment, but give him credit for going unscripted. The epiphany thing I need to see in full context but darnit, for some, it may well be. Still, both were poorly spoken.

"This was the moment when the rise of the ocean began to slow and our planet began to heal" is valid. Not the "was" at the outset - he is speaking of if he is elected our children may well look back and say words along those lines. And they may well be correct. Hope for this, pray for this, our planet IS in peril and if we don't act soon any action may not be enough.

And yes, even though Barack Obama isn't "The One" he is the one best candidate we have, he has a personal history that is outside the norm of Washington, DC, which is good, and he has a personal history of putting community before his person.

That's what great presidents, good leaders, are made of.


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