Friday, September 05, 2008

GOP Governors and Gerrymandering

An interesting email today from the Democratic Governor's Association:

Over the last few nights, the national Republicans have laid out their agenda for America, and it's frightening. The Republicans made clear their intent to continue the same misdirected ideas and policies that plagued this country for years.

Their blind obedience to George W. Bush-style leadership, however, is not limited to national politics. We see it echoed in their candidates for Governor across the country, threatening to bring power-hungry, fiscally-irresponsible management to state capitals from Raleigh to Olympia.

Make no mistake, there is a battle going on right now for the heart and soul of our country, and it's being played out in 49 gubernatorial races between now and 2010. The Governors we elect in the next few years will shape our country for years to come. Not only do we need Democratic leadership at the state level, but this group of Governors will be central to the next round of congressional and legislative redistricting. The stakes could not be higher.

What's more, national Republicans are currently predicting a 16-seat pickup between now and 2010, and they plan to use these seats to gerrymander 30 new House districts for Republican candidates. If this sounds familiar, it's because it is. This is exactly the same gambit made famous by Tom Delay in Texas.

To protect our party's infrastructure and be a bulwark against these nefarious efforts, we launched PROJECT 2010 in January 2007. PROJECT 2010 is an unprecedented four-year political plan to maintain our majority throughout the cycle and prepare for the massive workload in 2010. Democrats have never before been able to execute this type of long-term political planning.

PROJECT 2010 is not only a plan to extend the positive change Democratic Governors are making, but it is also the last line of defense against Republican attempts to cheat Americans out of fair representation in government.

To be effective, we need your active involvement. Last week, we debuted the PROJECT 2010 blog, where YOU can be our eyes and ears. What is happening on the ground? What is the media -- both traditional and new -- saying about your state? How are people organizing to support Democratic Governors and elect new ones? Please share your thoughts and observations and keep us informed.

The last couple of weeks have made clear that our nation is at a crossroads. We can stay on the same path that the George W. Bush Republicans have led us down for years, or we can pave a new road toward hope and optimism. But the end of the line is not 2008, and national Republicans have already turned the page to 2010. With your help and involvement, we can continue the fight through 2010 and protect our long-term Democratic gubernatorial majority for years to come.

Thank you,
Nathan Daschle
Executive Director


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You must mean "Pit Bull" Palin? She's about to earn her self-given nickname!

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