Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gov. Palin Addresses the RNC

I only caught the last ten minutes or so, and am admittedly biased to the point that all the lashing out she did made me really not like her. Yeah, I know, that's her job. The good news is that I think we can cross off any Hillary supporters from going to Palin. I'm sure she ticked them off, too.

Joe Biden might have a handful trying to remain the gentleman that he is when these two come to debate. She has an advantage in that Joe, despite his best intentions, will likely move and speak as the proper gent he is. He won't throw the punches needed even though she'll throw some good ones. A man fighting a woman has every instinct to simply restrain, not to harm. It's dangerous ground to be a dog in a catfight and I know Joe's smart, incredibly quick with words that work, but just as Obama needs to make McCain crack on stage, so shall Palin do her best on Joe.

The one point that did stick in my mind from her speech is significant: realizing how well vetted her speech was, written by the best they have and practiced non-stop for days, WHY would she say McCain "is the president we need for the next FOUR years?"

Perhaps they expect one of two things to happen - either his presidency is a disaster and he isn't re-elected, or he's going to die in office. Seriously. Someone very high up chose to use the number, and eight sure makes more sense then four when speaking of a presidents hoped-for term. Perhaps they didn't want us to add 8 to the 72 years John McCain has already lived and come up with ... the realization just how old he really is in the grand scheme of things?

So. Do you want Sarah Palin to be the next next president?


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Blogger Christian Democrat said...

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10/16/2008 7:48 AM  
Anonymous James J. Evans said...

It's really no longer even apparent in my experience that individuals like Palin and Trump would be the cause of the issue. Grifters gonna grift, just like it has ever been. But they're simply signs and symptoms from the disease, and also the disease may be the Republican voter. What the heck are you currently designed to do in order to combat these items when nearly 45% of the nation is on the point of pull a lever for Jesse Trump??

7/06/2016 12:11 PM  

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