Tuesday, September 02, 2008

McCain/Palin '08

Just back from a wonderful family weekend in Yosemite. Missed a fair amount of news, thankfully, and spent the time with two pretty staunch Republicans, my brother- and sister-in-law. As owners of a healthcare brokerage, they are scared to death that their business will suffer under an Obama/Biden win. They will, as many do, vote their pocketbooks and wallets.

But that isn't the news, Governor Palin of Alaska is the news, and I can't see it as good news for any Republican.

I have no issue with Governor Palin's 17 year old daughter being pregnant out of wedlock. No matter their upbringing, some kids make mistakes. This is one of them. I'm glad to hear she will marry the father and that the child will live.

I have no issue with Governor Palin's husband getting arrested for drunk driving some twenty years ago. I think most of us at some point could have been busted for the same thing. He hasn't repeated, or been caught repeating, so I have no issue here.

I do have an issue, a small one until more information is received, about the governor's supposed desire to get a state trooper fired after he divorced the governor's sister. That shows some bad traits on the governor's part.

I do have an issue with the governor's stance on abortion. She rejects abortion even in cases of rape and incest. With two daughters of my own, I find that to be an abomination. Were your daughter raped, would you want her to have to carry the child to term?

I do have an issue with the governor's stance on drilling for oil everywhere. This is a very popular position in Alaska, where every citizen gets a check each year for the royalties on oil pumped out of the ground, but its a selfish one lacking in any care for the environment or finding other solutions to our nation's energy problems.

I do have an issue, a much greater one, with this governor's total lack of experience in world matters. They say because Alaska is so close to Russia we should consider that as part of her international experience. I say hogwash.

The greatest issue I have with the selection of Governor Palin as the vice-presidential candidate is how John McCain went about it. Frankly, he didn't know her, and only barely did he know OF her. They met for the first time in February of this year. They spoke once, by phone, and another time when he offered her the position. Yikes, Johnny McCain makes quick choices that can't be based on enough information!

This is all a first-take quick assessment, and I'll candidly say I was for Obama long before Palin came into the picture, but given that John McCain is going to be the oldest elected president (if elected) and the rigors of his imprisonment may well be seen to shorten his lifespan, do any of us really want a self-confessed hockey mom from one of the least populated and most remote states to be a heartbeat away from that 3am phone call?

I think not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'd like to discuss a blogging opportunity with you.

How can I reach you? Or please visit my site and contact me via the contact us page.


The National Republicrat

9/02/2008 11:11 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Here is the latest:


9/03/2008 8:01 AM  
Blogger Christian Democrat said...

To national republicrat - I can be reached at:


and to Katherine -

Interesting link to a brief post on Governor Palin cutting funding to a Catholic run home for unwed mothers. I don't have much of an issue with this as the Catholic Church, in spite of it's scandals, has more money than many nations and should be able to pay their own way. How Ms. Palin came to this conclusion is beyond me, though.

9/03/2008 8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with you on the issues regarding Gov. Palin. Your comment regarding abortion jumped out at me though. Do we oppose abortion because the Mom had sex and should want the baby or because life is sacred. Unfortunately if life is sacred, that would include the innocent life that is created due to rape or any method against the will of the mother. There's always adoption.

9/03/2008 1:32 PM  
Blogger Christian Democrat said...

D Mason - I am sorry to say we disagree about this. You may want to read my thoughts on this at:


And just in case this thought isn't included there: Faith can't be legislated and laws against abortion don't stop abortions, they just make them more dangerous for those that are poor while the rich go to other countries. Simply, their is no fairness in outlawing abortion.

Do you have daughters? Would you want to have a half-brother whose father raped your mother?

God knew of us before we were knit in the womb, and he also knows not all make it out of there alive. I'm not saying abortion is ever right, I am simply saying that it isn't the government's place to outlaw it. That would be the place of the church and the person that is pregnant.

I say prevent unwanted pregnancies by being candid with you kids. Teach them abstinence, and prevention if sinning. Many kids from households good and bad have sex. Be candid, be in touch with the realities of their world if not yours, and they will respect you and your words all the more.

9/03/2008 3:35 PM  
Blogger Liana said...

Good points CD. My only issue with the daughter being pregnant is that Palin's views don't mesh with her own reality. Yes, abstinence is the best policy in theory. Clearly, though it doesn't always succeed.

If the goal is to decrease abortion rates, sensible pregnancy prevention is part of the arsenal -- along with encouraging abstinence, of course. This aside from the fact that we can all be glad the result in this case was pregnancy rather than AIDS.

If Palin is going to tow the line on "abstinence only" her pregnant daughter Bristol will only serve as a reminder that the best way isn't always the only way. And the image is just a bit hypocritical, at that.

9/11/2008 6:41 AM  

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