Friday, October 24, 2008

60 Senate Seats

That is what we Democrats need to have a government that works, sixty seats in the Senate. Here's why:

Bipartisanship is an idea that placates the losing party's voters, spoken of as "reaching across the aisle," as a bully reaches down to the beaten opponent in a schoolyard fight. Once Congress is in session, bipartisanship goes out the door as we have seen from Newt Gingrich to W's "uniter not a divider" statement prior to Dick Cheny's single finger salute to Dems.

The Dems, in the past, have been too kind. Things like "No Child Left Behind" being left behind at the budgeting phase is what happens in a Republican controlled Congress. Sounds nice on paper, the GOP saying "Look what good we did" when they did nothing but make it necessary to teach to a test without giving funding to teach well.

The stagnation of Congress in the past two years, when the Dems had a technical majority, can be seen as a result of the GOP having enough seats to control debate. Given a Democratic party president and fewer than controlling power in the Senate, the remaining GOP faithful will do whatever they can to preserve their "Real America." (I'll leave that concept for another writing)

We need vast change in our government and I'm one to want to trust Barack Obama and the Dems to do the right thing. I could be wrong but without giving them the opportunity, we won't know. I believe taxes won't go up on 95% of us. I believe we'll have to trim in some places, slash in others, and start afresh on energy both as a stimulus to the economy and the solution to energy dependence.

"Pay as you go" was the GOP mantra when I was a kid. They were fiscal conservatives but that is no longer the case. A willingness on the part of the GOP to spend big by borrowing bigger is now long standing. It's a cash grab by the richest, a greedy denial that our children's children will be stuck with the bill, regardless of what it might do to the American economy then.

These days it's the Dems that are fiscally conservative. Amazing, I know, and still denied by many that simply want lower taxes. To them I say "Look in the mirror and ask yourself if it's right to borrow that which you have no intention of paying back." It isn't.

If you are a voter in Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, or Kentucky, your vote for the Senate is key to the turn of tide that we need. If you are concerned that this might give the Dems too much power I ask, "Do you want gridlock, or do you want progress?"

Give Barack the support he needs, please. In these economic and security minded times we need a united Congress that will be held responsible in two short years. Barack has got four years to prove his policies will work. Let's give him the team to get it done.


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