Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kid Rock Sells War

Ai yai yai, this youtube/blogger thing is making me crazy. Went to youtube, tried to post the "Warrior" video and it worked pronto. Deleted it, went back and spent about a half hour typing out my thoughts, posted it and darnit if it didn't post, I lost my words and here I am typing again. Oh well.

I'm sickened by this video on so many fronts.

Kid Rock is a never-seen-war punk. Coke-slim in his rock star persona. He screams of being a "warrior" when the biggest fight he's been in was against Tommy Lee for Pamela, and he lost that one.

Our government spent probably $5 mil making this video, and likely another $50 mil or more in the media buy. That's your money and mine being used to propagandize American youth into being warriors for a cause that we were lied into, that is throwing us further into debt, a debt that makes the Wall Street bailout pale by comparison.

I know kids that have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. More that are planning on enlisting when they can. Some of them have no other ticket to the dreams they have. Some have parents that believe Iraq to be the central war on terrorism. I don't speak against them. We, as a church, and I personally, pray for them.

But we as a people shouldn't be paying for Bush and crowd to glorify that which we were lied into. We aren't warriors, we are defenders of freedom. To glorify war is to appeal to the basest of instincts among the male make-up. To have to advertise for soldiers is sickening.

One thing worth fighting for is that our votes be counted. Currently the GOP, which stole at least one of the last presidential elections and probably the last two, is complaining about voter fraud in Ohio where Obama's team is legally registering voters and legally collecting their ballots. I wonder why voter fraud is so much on the GOP mind?

If this election has a hint of voter fraud from the GOP and McCain wins, may there be riots in the streets.


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