Friday, October 03, 2008

Pit Bull Palin & Plain Joe Biden

Perhaps one of the more boring debates of all time, but with it's well rehearsed moments and perhaps one of sincerity, the loser was the nation with a format tailor made to the total stage-play that has become our political forum.

Pit Bull didn't surprise me. I expected what we got - a well rehearsed cheerleader for her boss, a reciting of positions given with a curled lip and a wink, a smile smacking of pride at hitting a note when needed. I don't like this woman at all. I think her one of the great non-thinking individuals of all time, best capable at conveying the party line as she has been fed it.

I have come to realize that Republicans can be very smart people. It ain't easy playing Machiavellian games and they are great at it. Pit Bull is a pawn. An eager pawn, a "foamer" in train-folk speak, but a pawn nonetheless. She lost the debate.

Plain Joe did his job and I thought well enough. Better in the second half with a little more spittle in his invective. His choke-up, real and unrehearsed, the one sincere moment of the night. Pit Bulls absolutely ignoring that moment showing her true killer instinct.

She doesn't want to argue about the source of climate change. That's GOP-speak for we won't do anything about it.

She wants to run the Senate.

and she's an energy expert. Uh huh. Which of her five colleges in six years did she major in "energy?"

Biden knows Washington but isn't really a part of it. He is one of the lowest net worth guys there, especially based upon his years. He is small town, with a great heart and a quarter century of world view experience. He is fit for the office of the President if needed.

Sarah Palin is not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This debate, like all other VP debates, doesn't amount to a hill of beans. people don't vote for VP. If that were the case, Michael Dukakis (sp?) should have won the '88 election, thanks to his running mate, Lloyd Bentsen, who put Dan Quayle in his place and gave the most memorable VP comment of all time: "Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy." Despite that many of us had misgivings about Quaylke even before the debate, the people elected 41 anyway.

Personally, I find Palin an idiot. If your only goal in a debate is not screw it up royally, then you are in way over your head. I heard no major plans or policies coming out of her mouth. Smiles, winks, and shout-outs may work on talk shows and beauty pageants but not in debates. And, Lord Jesus Christ please give me strength, if I ever hear that woman say "maverick" one more time I'm going to take a life! (just kidding)

10/05/2008 1:05 PM  

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