Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why McCain Has No Specifics

I've looked at John McCain's web site in depth, I've watched the debates, the speeches, and too much political chatter from the chatterboxes, and I'm agreeing with Barack Obama, John McCain has few specific plans for the economy, healthcare, the wars, the future of America. Here's why:

John McCain is a good man.

He doesn't want to lie to America. Sure, he's willing to bend the truth a bit, glad to throw a line that sounds right but isn't even when he knows it, but his basic principals don't allow him to say he's going to do something that he won't.

His problem is that he doesn't know what he IS going to do except with the wars, and then he doesn't want to advertise his plan to the enemy. He just wants to win. So does everyone.

When it comes to the economy, McCain wants to create jobs, but has no plans on how to do it.

When it comes to taxes, John McCain wants to hold them where they are or decrease them, but he realizes that will incur massively more debt which he doesn't want to talk about, so he doesn't speak to the issue.

When it comes to healthcare, he wants change and somewhat defines what that change will be but doesn't go into the detail of who pays for what, how it affects employer coverage other than admittedly higher taxes, and speaks to the industry being self-regulated. OK, more specifics here than on most other issues, but not a good plan in my humble opinion.

John McCain is in a tough spot. He doesn't want to lie to us, but he can't really tell us the truth either. So he goes on and on against Barack Obama with stuff that doesn't matter.

How disappointing.


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