Monday, November 17, 2008

Desiring Theocracy

Well, I got sucked into this one pretty well. An email arrives from someone I don't know saying that "they're talking about you" over at this whacko Calvinist site and I should step in to make my case.

So I did so, still without regrets, but with a bit more fear about how some of Christian faith get it so wrong. A strictly literal interpretation of the Bible is required to be part of this sect. They actually hold dear the idea of stoning gays and adulterers to death for those sins. They want a theocratic rule of America.

This portion of our church is to be seen as no less an evil than the Taliban or Al Qaida. We would be at fault to not speak out against them publicly, at fault to not deny them their sense of righteousness found in hating others to "bring them to Christ." The founder of the site, when speaking of evangelism, actually used the words "by any means necessary."

Scary folks, indeed.

I've written at length before about the Theocratic movement, and it still holds true. Those that hold to Dominion Theology need to be exposed for what they are, held in check by a loud voice coming from the church as a whole. They are the Taliban of Christianity and we need to, as I wish the greater Islamic faith would against their extremists, disclaim them as crazy people bastardizing our faith in the name of God while covering up their own desires and fears as men (and women, I suppose, but perhaps many of those women may not be given access to computers).

Theocracy Watch is a worthy bookmark. At one time I would have called them zealots themselves, seeing conspiracies where perhaps there are none. No more.

The Republican party is in tatters and my greatest worry is that they will rise from the rubble as a theocratic movement hidden behind a fiscally conservative agenda. These players are already in place with more in the wings.

If you are a Christian, be on the watch for opportunities to speak against this movement. If we are lax, they will overtake us.

If you read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights you may think that a theocracy isn't possible in America because of the "freedom of religion" thing. Forgetaboutit. Their desire is to change that and, given the powers of man in government, pretty much anything can be changed.


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