Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Thoughts

It is a thrilling day, full of hope, a change in America long sought and finally fulfilled, and the spectacle is impressive. I wish it were less troubling times.

I look up at the TV and see the various presidents and vice presidents make their entrance. I still love Jimmy Carter, as indecisive as he was, for all he has done since his presidency. Is there another president that has done as much for the people of the world since their tenure?

I gag as the camera cuts to Newt Gingrich. I know I’m supposed to forgive, but he was fully outside of any understanding of the faith he proclaims when leading the charge against Bill Clinton while in a tryst of his own. Sorry, can’t let that go unspoken.

I would love to know what Barack and W. spoke of while in that fancy Cadillac. The pundits were saying it was likely chatty but I doubt that. I wager the weight of what is ahead is fully settling into Obama’s mind and any attempt at niceties with the idiot next to him are recognized as unimportant. We’ll never know.

Bush 41 is looking frail, and that is a bit saddening. I think he meant well if not exactly in line with my thinking. They haven’t shown Cheney in his wheelchair yet, or I missed it, but I welcome him in that position. He is all the evil of the outgoing administration personified. May all efforts at war profiteering be so weakened for all time. The idea that he pulled a muscle lifting boxes is ludicrous. Yet another obfuscation of the Bush 43 Whitehouse.

We must not forget the wrongs done by the Republicans over the past … twenty plus years, actually. We must remember how important we felt it was to talk the campaign this past year, to change minds towards this new possibility of an America that was for all the people rather than for the corporations, an America that could again hold it’s head high on the world stage, and an America that leads the world by worthy example.

We must move on, and that begins today.

They just showed Barack and spoke of his “internal and external calm.” I’ll go back to the weight of the times ahead. The crowd is huge, orderly, excited, waving banners but also a bit reserved. They, too, know the weight of the moment and the work ahead. This is a great scene but strongly diminished by the uncertainty of the times inherited.

Rick Warren lead a fine prayer. Sure wish the crowd had joined him more at the end, it seemed the camera had to search for those mouthing the words Christ gave us. This is a secular society we live in. Share faith people!

Aretha! I’m smiling before she even starts singing. Hearing her now I realize she’s getting older, too, but every note was good, her persona filling each word while letting the words themselves tell their story again. “Let Freedom Ring!”

Joe Biden takes the oath of office and speaks it clearly, neither proudly nor humbly. May God be with him.

More music. As much as I enjoy the players, I hope it’s brief. Now, listening, I should have paid closer attention – is it “Fanfare for the Common Man” by Bernstein, I think? Appropriate and yes, nicely brief.

John Roberts giving the oath of office to a man who voted against his seat on the Supreme Court. How must that feel? A bit of flubs on both sides. I wish that went better!

And now the president’s speech.

Saying healthcare is too costly, our schools failing too many and our energy policies funding our enemies, he spoke of hope over fear, equality and the greatness of our nation earned and to be earned. The crowd cheered his call to remake America. For the rest, I just had to watch, listen and consider, not wanting to be distracted by writing.

May peace be with us all, may the desire to work hard and sacrifice as needed be with us all, may God’s grace inspire us to fellowship as we move forward.

Time to get to work.


Blogger Jessican said...

I was there today (way in the back of the National Mall) and the atmosphere was generally as you described except more joyful and cheerful and yes, hopeful.

We had to wait hours in the bitter cold and we had walk for miles to get to place where we could barely hear or see, but it did not dampen our spirits. I had a great time today and if the attitude of the rest of America is anything like it was today, I think we will be all right.

ps. I though Rick Warren was excellent. I was really inspired by his prayer and the crowd around me created a low murmur of the Lord's Prayer.

1/20/2009 4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wanted to make sure you were still here. I don't want my awareness to go away because the election is over.
I want to be a better Christian and US citizen. Being from SC, the majority of those I know are very much to the right. Many think to recycle is too far to the left.

My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer 4 years ago, and we are facing surgery on Thursday for the 2nd re-occurrence. I am surrounded by those who think that there is no room for the government to "interfere" with health care. My question is "what is the answer?" When faced with a catastrophic illness like this, I see first hand some of the major problems.

I will be in prayer for Obama, and glad you still have this blog.

1/24/2009 3:13 PM  

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