Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Christian Sharia

The primary reason I began writing this blog was my perception that hypocrisy among the Christian right was pushing people away from God. "How can people so flawed claim such righteousness?" was what those who were outside of Christian faith often thought when seeing another televangelist or large church preacher take a fall for the sins he committed. Less kindly they might say our faith is full of hypocrites. It is.

Christian faith is a balance of thanking God for the grace he gives us, the forgiveness of our errant ways, and a response of no longer erring in that manner. Few hold up their end of the bargain well, none perfectly. It is those that proclaim perfection that miss the mark most.

The Christian fundamentalists in America would like to have God's law brought into the books of mans' law. Abortion not to be allowed in any instance and marriage between a man and a woman only are the two that are front burner right now. If they get those, what is next? Shall we punish according to the Bible, too?

Stoning in the public square would, to some thinking, be a proper punishment for adultery, homosexuality, and a number of other "crimes against God" that are simply bad choices people make or, without choice it seems, living their lives the way God wired them.

Mans' law works when it relates to crimes that cause pain to another. Jail time, fines and death are valid reasons not to commit a crime. Even with them, many crimes are committed simply because the need of the moment, the rage of the moment, or the simple evil nature of some people lead them to do things and not care about the punishment.

God's law works at a different level - personally. Those that accept the gift of grace are personally beholden to attempt to live a life pleasing to God. It isn't whether I say you shouldn't be in an adulterous relationship, it's that you should choose not to. It isn't your being gay that I have any say in whatsoever - and frankly I think God loves gays that love him, too.

The word "testament" has it's roots in "covenant," not "testimony" as many think. The Old and New Testaments are the written testimony of those that were there, but more importantly they are the covenants God made with his chosen people; first with the Jews then with all His children. Jesus was a change in the relationship God makes with us, an opportunity to recieve grace, yes, but also an incredible guide for life, a life of loving your neighbor.

Loving neighbors don't throw stones at each other.

With the Christian Right's voting block being less helpful in winning elections, their place in the GOP's forum is diminished but do not count them out. They will continue to push for God's law for all when they can't live up to it themselves. Given the opportunity, speak against them privately and publicly in your own way.

Here's a link to a previous post on gay marriage and another on abortion. And if you're wondering how any person who thinks this way can call themselves "Christian," here's my story.


Anonymous Andrea said...

I ABSOLUTELY agree! This site is a dream come true for me. I have been so shaken up lately because my faith is always uner scruitiny by my own party!

People have to understand Christianity and the people who claim to follow it are different! The Bible says to love one another, work together, be a family.

These high-profile republicans divide, degrade, and diminish others and their worth. I should not be insulted on the daily basis on any left-wing television show or blog page because of this (I can only excuse Keith Olbermann and Stephen Colbert since I haven't ever seen them do that).

It's like it's cool not to believe in God. I have very strong convictions and proof to support my belief in Jesus Christ and would like to show there are many of us who try to exude what Jesus taught, at the very least politically if not in our own personal lives.

I'll email you sometime, thanks again for the wonderful site!

5/21/2009 10:24 AM  
Blogger Christian Democrat said...

thanks for the kind words, Andrea. I've been a bit distracted by work/career/life and am thankful, but send an email or post a comment as you like, please.

5/28/2009 6:21 PM  

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