Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama in Costa Mesa

I've got say we have some worries here, folks. It's called the messiah effect. Someone so good comes along, catches the public eye, and blind adoration follows. People shouting out "I love you!" to the president of the United States is, well, disconcerting to say the least. At the first such "shout out" Obama fairly ignored it with a less than thrilled glance in the direction from which it came. The second one was more friendly, from a guy, and was returned in kind. But yeah, we can adore this guy too much.

I was struck by one item in particular from his prepared remarks, his saying that AIG is like a terrorist bomber. It was well acted out, pretty obviously prepared as well I think, and one heck of a light to cast on any corporation. But it's true. AIG did more damage to this country than 9/11. Less horrifying than 9/11, less loss of life than 9/11, but a shock of equal magnitude or possibly greater.

But yeah, I love watching Obama tell it as he sees it, calling the shots, accepting responsibility, trying to get Americans to man- or woman-up and tote that bale of work we've got ahead of us, get active in our schools and communities, assuring us of something nobody can be sure of.

Darnit, he's good. But he ain't no messiah.


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