Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So am I. Are You?

I've been out of the news loop for the past week, starting with President Obama's Congressional Address. Just viewed this loop and love it. No comments needed.

It's great to have a president that leads and is fighting the good fight. Let's support him with emails to our other representatives in Washington, let them know you're up for the fight, too.

Rush Limbaugh is speaking the thoughts of a loud minority that may well take control of the GOP. Imageine Rush running in 2012. If it weren't so scary, it'd be funny. Take the time to watch Rush's "First Address to the Nation" and consider the implications. Then, as I asked above, email your Senators and Representatives that you want the change we voted for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally can't stand Rush Limbaugh. In public, he is very different than he is on his radio show. He appears to be this great loving guy when the spotlight is on, but when he gets back to "Rush Land," he's back to "this is what the democrats did to take away your freedoms today!" and "the America hating, friend of a terrorist B. Hussein Obama blah blah blah." He talked about conservatives being all about love, which I can agree is true in many cases. However, Limbaugh's method conservatisim is to scare his listeners into thinking democrats/liberals/minorities/etc are only out to turn America into Red Amerika and steal everyone's lives away. He makes things up on the spot all the time and will twist every story around so it agrees with his opinion.

Personalities like Limbaugh, O'Rilley, Hannity, Coulter (mainstream conservative voices) all use the same tactics... If they're talking to someone in an interview or whatever the format, they end up just getting mad and yelling over the top of the other person so you can't even hear what they're saying. This is journalism? broadcasting? I don't think so.

3/04/2009 1:12 AM  
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