Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthcare Again & Again Healthcare

I believe we need universal healthcare in this country for a number of reasons with #1 not being the sense of need to provide care to all those that are currently not covered. No, I’m more greedy for all of us than that. We need universal healthcare reform to bring our economics in line with the rest of the world.

In 2005 our Gross Domestic Product was about $12 trillion of which we spend abut $2 trillion on healthcare. That is about 20% of our entire economy going to healthcare. The other major industrialized nations that have universal healthcare spend from 6.8 to 8.9% of their GDP on healthcare. If, as I’ve said elsewhere, we spend half of what we’re spending now we could include dental and vision coverage, too.

We are getting ripped off hugely by the medical consortium. American pharmaceutical companies sell their products to other nations for less than we can buy them for. Our government protects them by making it illegal to import drugs made by American companies and shipped north or overseas. That, my friends, is collusion between our government and a business that contributes huge amounts to the politicians campaigns.

Why do they sell them to other countries for less than we can buy them for here? Because those countries set the price and say take it or leave it. One pharma connected friend tells me they sell their drugs for about half of what they sell them for here. My suggestion that we pay the same price brought up the point that then the company would go broke. Coming back with the idea that a price be found that provides for company profits that is charged equally to all buyers sounded fair to my friend.

I heard today that Obama may be walking away from the “Public Option” of a government sponsored coverage plan. I pray that isn’t so. While not universal healthcare, it is a step towards it. That is why the fight is so intense from the GOP. They know that their contributions will drop dramatically if we ever get to universal healthcare. A good number of Dems are on that same bandwagon. Shame on all of them.

So, if universal healthcare could save the nation a trillion dollars a year, what would we do with that money?

Very simply, businesses large and small look to benefit the most. The average paid in 2005 for a business to provide health coverage for an employee with a family of four was a bit above $11,000.00. What if that dropped to $6.000.00? A business of 100 employees just saved a half million dollars.

Very simply, our government needs to provide a healthcare plan that anyone can buy into for a good bit less than the average paid in 2005. It can be done and needn’t cost taxpayers anything in the long haul. Get enough people on board and it will be self-sustaining. What business wouldn’t take a 35-50% cut in healthcare costs?!?

Why don’t we see the healthcare industry making a trillion dollars a year in profits right now? Because they hide it beautifully, and share it amongst themselves generously. My outrage spike when my brother-in-law invited my wife and I to join he and his wife on a cruise that he “won” for having great sales figures. We would only have to pay the taxes on the cruise – about $8000.00. And I would have had to buy a tuxedo because every night was dinner at the captain’s table. They sent 120 couples on that cruise. Just one example. I’m sickened.

Greed, after survival, is the greatest motivator in human nature. In the medical insurance profession, as over on Wall Street, greed is seen as good. It can be, but when brought to such a level as we are currently seeing in the healthcare industry, it should be seen as unethical, morally repugnant.

There is no monopoly in the healthcare industry, certainly not among the insurers, no not them. But there sure is collusion, whether provable or not. Simpy look at the similarity in prices and you know it must be.

Medical insurance companies need to have their policies revoked by a people that don’t care if they live or die.

Fair enough?

We MUST have a public option or we've lost and Obama can't do what we elected him to do.

Which is yet one more reason the GOP is so against healthcare reform. They must win or they have lost even more.

The GOP has nothing to stand on but "No." If they agree with anything the Dems put forth then the Dems will win in 2010 and beyond. Only by disagreeing with everything Obama and the Dems put on the table do they have a chance of being right in the end. They don't care about the American people, the economy, or anything but their own personal wallets. They are fighting viciously, with lies screamed from their pulpits every day of the week. The need to be ignored and/or beaten into submission by a strong voice heard from the people of this country.

Please write your congressperson and your senators. Tell them what you think. Do you have 5 minutes to help transform America? All you need to say is "I want a public option for healthcare and really want that to become universal healthcare by the attrition of THE BASTARDS that have ripped me off my whole life." Or ... better still, use your own words of similar effect. ;>)


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