Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Public Option ...

... is the only way that real reform will be had. Even with it we may not see the prices that the rest of the world pays for better healthcare, literally half of what we pay.

Without a public option the insurers will finagle higher prices - much as the credit card companies did in their recent "reform." Or the drug companies did when they got our government to make it illegal to import their drugs back into this country.

One of the deals for healthcare "reform" that is now on the table allows the insurers a 35% profit. That may be the bill that has the insurers' input, ya think? Las Vegas casinos, by law, can only take 25%. Atlantic city, 17%.

And some of our politicians think this OK!

Fight for the public option - basically a "Medicare" for everyone. It will cover those that don't have coverage now and MUST offer the same policy to every man, woman, child and business that wants it.

When I was in retail, a 10-12% profit was considered really good. Hit 18% and you got a nice bonus. That is the exact math that gets you to a 35% profit kicking of huge bonuses, luxury cruises and vacations, limos and private jets, Chateaubriand and Chateauneuf-Du-Pape along the way. We're paying for it, all of us, in our own healthcare costs and in the costs of every product we buy made here.

What part of saving a trillion dollars a year don't the Dems want to talk about?

You're being gamed, people. By the insurers, pharma, and yeah, sorry to say, our politicians, too. The only problem is, the odds are better in Vegas and I rarely leave there with more than I arrived.


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