Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Universal Health Care

I should be less stunned by the crap coming from the GOP about the health care plan(s) that are coming forward. Lies. Deception. Scare tactics by masters of the game.

There will be no cutting of services to the old simply because they are old.

There will be no requirement to sign on to the public option if you have insurance you already like.

There will be no requirement to join a policy that allows others to have abortions.

and there should be no requirement to join at all. If you want to go without healthcare, you should be allowed to. Unfortunately, I think there is such a requirement in most of the legislation being written. That's wrong.

It is, however, better than what we've got, which is robber-baron all over again. It's collusion at the highest levels - among the companies and among our legislators. It must be broken.

A libertarian friend (who once said "I disagree with just about everything you say" as stood on his porch keeping en eye on an approaching brush fire and chatting the auto bailouts a few months back) made the point that "government can't run anything" and that's his opinion. My counter was that the corporations are running it fine for them now but it sure is killing us.

We spend 17% of our gross national product on healthcare. Other industrialized nations spend about half that on their universal systems. As the dollars spent here, I am told is $2.5 TRILLION dollars per year, our savings would be in the neighborhood of a trillion dollars PER YEAR. Businesses would love it - their costs would go down.

And yeah, I rounded up on what we might spend - I want dental and vision coverage, too. No French teeth here!

But seriously folks - if all this legislation is to create an option that you don't have to make use of, what's all the fuss?

Do you think your healthcare will cost more? It won't.

Do you think your healthcare will be of lesser service? Our government already runs some of the best healthcare in the world - Medicare and the Veterans Administration.

Do you think the doctors and hospitals will be glad to be rid of Blue Cross and the like? I know mine will.


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