Sunday, September 13, 2009

Conservatives Protest in Washington

I had the pleasure of driving through central California on Friday and got an earful of talk radio right and left. Starting with Randi Rhodes in Palo Alto, I'm glad to say that this ex-Marine and very intelligent woman's rhetoric didn't leave me with a wet ear from the spittle spewed. Thank God for radio. At the moment I don't even recall what she was speaking about.

Then it was Sean Hannity and his drool. The callers-in on his show were all in Washington or headed to Washington for the upcoming protest march. They were, IMHO, about as intelligent as the tomatoes out in my garden but they sure were on topic and commented from their hearts on the things that have them so riled up.

I guess that's what free speech in America has come to mean - those talk show folks that appeal to the extremes get air time and callers, the rest of the media is afraid to say anything to offend their advertisers.

Here's why the progressive president we elected should ignore that Saturday protest in Washington - they didn't elect him, they fought him to the end and won't shut up even though they are LOSERS!

Did we shut up when W. was president? No. Did we get listened to? No. That's how this democracy called America works - those that win elections get to set the agenda and hopefully get it passed. Those that LOSE get to protest.

Fair enough. Let them rally as they please but please, Mr. President, ignore those selfish ignorant and yes, sadly racist fools as they quite entirely deserve to be ignored. And yes, I sense racism as a fever I haven't sensed in decades.

Mr. President - you won with that mandate W. falsely claimed was his. You have both houses in your party if not at your dinner table. You have the chance to change much of what is wrong with America. Get it done, please.


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