Thursday, September 17, 2009

Healthcare "Negotiations"

Let's see - Republicans refuse to vote for any bill that includes a public option along with a many other demands, the Dems lamely give in on all of the demands, and the Republicans then refuse to sign the bill anyway.

When will the Dems learn that the GOP is all about stalling, all about obfuscating, all about lying about anything to protect their constituency, big business?!

Or are too many of the Dems in bed with the same crowd and only running a facade of a campaign for real reform?

As the GOP has refused to sign anything, the Dems should go back to a plan with real teeth - The fully available public option that any individual or business can buy in to - and get it passed anyway.

Anything less is failure, or perhaps it would be success if my assumption in paragraph 3 is correct.

I want the change we voted for.

And yes, all this could be avoided if we had a true public campaign financing and laws that engaged liability for free speech that includes lies.


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