Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Speech

It's painfully obvious that even if President Obama had laid a big turd on the podium the leftest wing of the media - the MSNBC crowd of Keith, Rachel and Ed - would have praised it for its pungency, fine texture, and well ... I've gone too far already. They are spinning madly to try to bring the leftest of the left in line with the President's agenda.

But it was no turd. It was the middle ground that is achievable. I'm not happy with it but I see there is hope of real reform and, maybe, a real public option that anyone can buy in to. May it be so.

The best thing to come from it in my mind is that he sounded reasonable and that will make the nutjob liars of the right, like that congressman from the Carolinas, sound like nutjob liars even to some of their nutjob constituents.

May it be so.


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