Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama on HealthCare 10/17/09

I'm looking at the YouTube counter and a total of 47 people have looked at the President of the United States Weekly address in about 14 hours. Amazing. Equally amazing that the Obama administration, hooked up on fb, twit, et al, doesn't make an easy embed for the address from the Whitehouse web site. It doesn't matter anyway.

The public, America walking the streets wondering what to have for lunch, is totally disengaged. The folks are squeeking by, looking ahead as far as Christmas, maybe, Halloween perhaps. Next Tuesday more likely. What's going on in Washington isn't on the tip of the tongue of anyone in middle America. Nobody is paying attention.

The race to the World Series is more important than healthcare.

The Nascar cup is more important than Iraq or Afghanistan.

Paying the bills is more important than anything unless everyone in the house kept their jobs then this is a buying opportunity - LED TV anyone, they're going cheap, kids. Cash for clunkers may be gone but buy a Chrysler before they disappear, please.

But healthcare is THE issue. And the President wastes time on little else. I want a true public option - a government controlled and run option to BlueCross, say, or Medicare for all, for a price. Anyone should be able to buy in to it, individual or business of a thousand. It should by cheaper by a third, easily.

Yeah. It could happen. It'd save the economy, too, kicking in as much as a trillion dollars in savings once done. Per year. Yeah, really.

There is so much I'm sitting on the sidelines of these days. My church, ELCA chartered, it in the throws of the gay debate and I've decided to do my bit an sit until it's over. I can't get wound up, I've got no emotional battery charge left, I'm empty.

For politice I've got a pulse, but just barely. I do see healthcare as the holy grail it is, but dream it (single payer) as an achievable dream. May it be so.

'cause if not, if something get's passed that forces every American to buy some product from thieves dressed as medical experts ... well, we're fucked.

May it not be so.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Irving Penn - Now That's a Photographer

Before photography was accepted as art, Irving Penn knew he was an artist and created work from that mindset. His technique, which varied with the subject matter, was always perfect both in camera/capture and darkroom/post. His design sensibility was almost always a simply perfect slap upside the head that gave you one thing to look at (until you looked deeper).

Irving Penn's photographs were the first I could look at and know they were his. His commercial contemporaries, Avedon in NY and Skrebneski in Chicago, both had their own looks and while the three of them often overlapped in subject matter and the demographics of style, each was unique with Penn having even less bling than Avedon. It was but one of their competitions to see who could simplify subject matter the most to leave the viewer with nothing to appreciate but the single subject presented. As Penn was the first to head in that direction, I give him the nod.

Here is Mary Rourke's nicely written obituary on the L.A. Times site.