Sunday, January 31, 2010

Without A Church

Well, it all come down to a vote. One hundred-eighty or so to about eighty with the result in favor of associating with a fundamentalist Lutheran body entirely created to deal with "the gay clergy issue." So much for the collective mind of man. As we used to say in the old country, feckin' idges.

I, the firebrand of opinion spoken to the best of my abilities, am left without a church and I'm fine with that. I have no desire to worship with people that today said (and I kid you not, the council president and the recently new pastor of my old church together said the exact same at least eight times the entirely un-Christian phrase when speaking of the LCMC) they're "people just like us" as if that was the most important qualifier in a Christian relationship decision.

It's beyond feckin' idges, it's selfish, self centered, God fearing but so unable to think outside of the words they read to see the Word that is there. Ai yai yai.

But it's good for them, and they do good things in the world. I just don't want to sully my peace by being around them anymore. So onward I go.

This greater body of Christ, the churches of the world, encompass a huge and diverse population, from homo-haters to homos themselves. From Baptist jihadists to gay Episcopalian bishops, from Anglicans to a West Hollywood cell church with 5 folks breaking bread, sharing communion, and speaking of God.

In my humble opinion, all are good and all are bad.

Such is the way of man.

Go in peace and serve the Lord.

Prayers, please?


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