Friday, February 05, 2010

Governor Jerry Brown

Don't run yet, Jerry! Let the republicans eat a few of their young before diving into the fray.

If you, dear reader, weren't here when Jerry was governor, you missed a pretty good time. He rejected the governor's mansion for a mattress on the floor of a rented apartment with Linda Rondstadt, a hot platinum-selling singer, and married wasn't part of the equation. He partied with The Eagles, ate at cheap Mexican restaurants, and drove a crappy car. Governor Moonbeam was the first partying pragmatist and he got stuff done.

Maybe that's what we need again.

Your delay past the melting of the snow on the Sierra's is wise, with the claws and teeth and saliva of rabid desire showing up in ads like this one, from Carly Fiorina, Republican desiree -

But don't wait too long, Jerry. Those of us that remember you, love you, but we aren't who you care about in this election. I'd love to see your numbers in the under-40 crowd, or actually I wouldn't, they may be a little worrisome. Coming in for the lone-needed knockout punch is risky. Totally killer when timed right, but fraught with the possibility of an unexpected uppercut taking you down in mid-stride.

This really is your last shot, and I think your up for it, dude. Do you?

Rock On.


Blogger TERRY said...

I have been a democrat for almost as long as a Jerry Brown (but have to say that i do believe in abstainance before marraige, and the whole Bible. I have long been dismayed to tears, and much anger, for which i repent when needed as to how so much hatred and lack of charity, half-truths can be so loudly spewed from the mouths of rich pastors and christians on tv. There is a website on this page that asks the ? "how can a Christian vote Dem? and in 3 sites, i see no place to answer the question. the answer is LOVE AND CHARITY!.. God recently directed me to read the book of Isaih.. i have just started, because I did procrastinated til he was yelling in my spirit.. amazed by what i have read in the 1st chapter, it bears repeating..(Message Bible)
"WORK FOR JUSTICE HELP THE DOWN AND OUT STAND UP FOR THE HOMELESS GO TO BAT FOR THE DEFENSELESS"....."THE CHASTE CITY HAS BECOME A WHORE! SHE WAS ONCE ALL JUSTICE, EVERYONE LIVING AS GOOD NEIGHBORS, NOW THEY ARE ALL AT ONE ANOTHER'S THROATS.....YOUR LEADERS ARE ALL TURNCOATS, WHO KEEP COMPANY WITH CROOKS. THEY SELL THEMSELVES TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER AND GRAB ANYTHING THAT IS NOT NAILED DOWN. THEY NEVER STAND UP FOR THE HOMELESS, NEVER STICK UP FOR THE DEFENSELESS"..."I'LL SET HONEST JUDGES AMONG YOU JUST LIKE IT WAS IN THE BEGINNINNG. THEN YOU'LL BE RENAMED CITY-THAT-TREATS-PEOPLE-RIGHT. THE-TRU-BLUE-CITY. GOD'S RIGHT WAYS WILL PUT ZION RIGHT AGAIN". pretty plain as to why I should be a democrat. for the sake of mercy.. and tho many wealthy christians would be willing to help the poor to have their basic needs meet, i am just not sure there are enuff republican christians to take helpless crack babies into thier homes, clothe widows from thier own closests, feed all the hungry from thier tables..what i havealways felt in my heqart is being verified by the words of GOD, the more of the bible I read.. It seems the thing that brings about outrage in the pulpit is always the word TAXES.. i have never begrudged the people the taxes needed to help people and infrastructure, etc...HAVE MERCY AND BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU TEACH ABOUT IN THE PULPIT.. AND BE NOT DECEIVED..of course i hate abortion and don't want gov. to pay and i too hate sexual immorality, but if christians weren't being deceived, dems would not have to run on these issues to get office, and there are some of these things that could be corrected.. thanks for giving place to answer the ? "how could a Christian vote democrat?"

6/03/2010 8:56 PM  

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