Thursday, April 29, 2010

New ELCA in the SCV - Living Faith

Two months have passed since my last posting. Amazing times, truly. The greater church - in the form of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's southwest synod, so many of it's unique churches, pastors, congregations and individuals - as well as the Episcopalian church in the form of sharing alters and pulpits and prayerful support - has come together and a new congregation is born.

Amazing times, truly. We give thanks to God for the opportunities He gives us.

Having chosen a name - Living Faith Lutheran which I like a lot - we're in the midst of mission statements, logos, web site, developers, music planning and doing, worship planning and doing, welcoming planning and doing, a new and wonderful pastor every week, often with visitors from their congregation, education planning for all ages, food drives always food drives thankfully, blood drive, too, and we are a church, graciously and wonderfully we are a church.

Pastor George Tan, a wonderful preacher, a leader who listens and guides nicely, reminded us recently that it prayer is key. Talking to God and listening. He's right.

Take a moment, please, and pray as you might.