Thursday, April 29, 2010

New ELCA in the SCV - Living Faith

Two months have passed since my last posting. Amazing times, truly. The greater church - in the form of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's southwest synod, so many of it's unique churches, pastors, congregations and individuals - as well as the Episcopalian church in the form of sharing alters and pulpits and prayerful support - has come together and a new congregation is born.

Amazing times, truly. We give thanks to God for the opportunities He gives us.

Having chosen a name - Living Faith Lutheran which I like a lot - we're in the midst of mission statements, logos, web site, developers, music planning and doing, worship planning and doing, welcoming planning and doing, a new and wonderful pastor every week, often with visitors from their congregation, education planning for all ages, food drives always food drives thankfully, blood drive, too, and we are a church, graciously and wonderfully we are a church.

Pastor George Tan, a wonderful preacher, a leader who listens and guides nicely, reminded us recently that it prayer is key. Talking to God and listening. He's right.

Take a moment, please, and pray as you might.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I belong to an ELCA church in rural SD that recently went through this same battle. We are a tri-point parish, and two of our churches voted to go LCMC, with my church voting to stay ELCA. Friendships have dissolved, families have been split, and my heart breaks at all of this. Thank you for posting your church's experience and your thoughts and background information on this battle. I wish your new church the best of God's blessings, and I hope that our church can heal as well.

5/04/2010 11:35 AM  
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